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Flame Effect Essential Oil Diffuser | Desk Setup Accessories

Do you struggle to find items to complement your desk setup? Have you got a bare patch of desk that needs filling with a new gadget or bit of tech? In this series of posts, I will review some great ideas for desk setup accessories. These will all be items I have or have had on my desk setup. In this post, I will be reviewing a flame effect essential oil diffuser I bought off AliExpress.

What Is It? | Desk Setup Accessories

It’s an essential oil diffuser that creates a flame effect whilst it’s running. I had been looking for an essential oil diffuser for some time but all the ones I found on Amazon all looked like an essential oil diffuser. If you have searched for them before you will know what I mean! When I came across this one I knew it would fit perfectly with the theme of my desk setup and would be a great desk setup accessory.

Essential oil diffuser with a flame effect

How Does It Work? | Desk Setup Accessories

Well, it works similarly to any other essential oil diffuser really. You fill it with water and add a few drops of essential oil and your away, sweet, sweet smells. I bought a pack of Essential Oils from Amazon which smell great to be honest. I will put a link to them below.

Essential oil diffuser with a flame effect

Is It Worth It? | Desk Setup Accessories

Absolutely! When I bought it it was £17, so well worth the money. It has to be one of my favourite desk setup accessories. Not only does it create a cool effect with the flames but it also gives off great smells to the room. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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