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Outdoor Smart Plugs: Everything You Need To Know

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Have you ever wished you could control your outdoor devices with just a tap on your smartphone? Imagine being able to manage your garden lights, fountain, or even your Christmas lights without stepping outside and physically turning them on and off. Well, the solution to this is outdoor smart plugs. In this guide, we’ll explain what smart plugs are and how you can use them so that by the end of this post, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to transform your outdoor space into a smart, connected haven.

What is an Outdoor Smart Plug?

First things first, what is an outdoor smart plug? In essence, an outdoor smart plug is a device that allows you to remotely control and automate the power supply to outdoor appliances. These plugs, often equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, enable you to turn devices on or off using a smartphone app, voice commands, or even a designated schedule. Whether it’s your garden lights, water features, or any other outdoor equipment, an outdoor smart plug brings convenience and control to your fingertips. The great thing about them is they often look exactly the same as normal outdoor plug sockets. I, myself have had an outdoor smart plug for a number of years at the front of my house. Every December I plug all my Christmas lights into it, allowing me to set up schedules for the lights and control them from my phone. The outdoor smart socket I have is from a company called Knightsbridge. I ordered it from Amazon, I’ll put a link below. I have also reviewed that outdoor smart plug in detail, which I will also link below.

Knightsbridge outdoor smart socket with one socket powered on

Can Smart Plugs be Used Outside?

Teckin smart plugs next to their packaging

One of the most common queries surrounding outdoor smart plugs is whether they are suitable for outdoor use. The answer is yes! However, before you go out and buy the first smart plug you can find you need to make sure it is definitely for outdoor use. Unlike traditional indoor smart plugs, outdoor smart plugs are designed to withstand the elements. They come equipped with weather-resistant features such as durable casing and waterproof seals, ensuring reliable operation in most weather conditions. Below are a few links to some smart plugs that are designed to be used outside.

How to Install Outdoor Smart Plugs

Now that you’re convinced of the benefits, you might be wondering how to set up an outdoor smart plug. It should be noted that you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to installation. If this outdoor smart plug will be a brand new plug install or involves any form of work with electrical wiring then always consult a qualified electrician. If you want a more plug-and-play approach you can get outdoor smart plugs that can be plugged into another plug or socket themselves. This wouldn’t be the most visually appealing option but it would be more DIY friendly. I will link such a product below. Once installed, again follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the outdoor smart plug connected to your home WIFI and begin controlling the device remotely.

Enhancing Outdoor Safety and Energy Efficiency

Beyond the convenience of remote control, outdoor smart plugs contribute to enhanced safety and energy efficiency. With the ability to set schedules and timers, you can ensure that outdoor lights are never left on unnecessarily, saving both energy and money. Additionally, the remote monitoring feature allows you to check the status of a device and turn it on or off even when you’re away from home, providing peace of mind and reducing the risk of accidents.

Conclusion: Transform Your Outdoor Experience with Smart Plugs

In conclusion, outdoor smart plugs are a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor living space. From effortless control to enhanced safety and energy efficiency, these devices offer great benefits to homeowners. So, why not take the plunge and embrace the convenience of outdoor smart plugs? By integrating them into your outdoor setup, you’ll not only gain control but also unlock a new level of efficiency and enjoyment.

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of outdoor smart plugs

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