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Spigen Mag Armor Case: Best iPhone 13 Mini Case

I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on the new iPhone 13 Mini after replacing my trusty product red iPhone 8. Now the first thing I went out and purchased after receiving my new iPhone was a case. The thought of that glorious glass back being shattered is enough to send shudders through you so a case is an essential accessory in my opinion. However, when searching for iPhone 13 Mini cases I couldn’t find a lot of choice, at least not where I was searching. I wasn’t prepared to pay £50 for the Apple case or a similar price for a Mous case so I had to look elsewhere. This is when I came across the Spigen Mag Armor case. Having struggled to find many case options for my 13 Mini I thought I’d review the Spigen Mag Armor case to see if it is the best case for the iPhone 13 Mini.




  • MagSafe
  • Lightweight & Minimal Bulk
  • Good Design


  • Dirt build-up in the grooves
Picture of the Spigen Mag Armor box

Spigen Mag Armor Design

I mean I got this to put on my iPhone so I like the design but I think everyone can agree its quite a minimal, sleek looking case. The case does feature a grooved design on the rear of the case which runs diagonally across it. I do like this design, however, it does pick up dust so you have to be prepared to regularly wipe the case to keep it looking new. The rear of the case also features a raised lip all around the camera cut out. This is here to compensate for the iPhone camera bumps that have featured on the iPhone since the 12 models. I do like this feature and it seems to serve its purpose in protecting the camera lenses from damage when laid down on surfaces. There is also a Spigen logo etched on the rear of the case, which breaks up that diagonal design and fits in with the overall aesthetic.

Picture of the rear of the Spigen Mag Armor case

In the hands the Spigen Mag Armor case feels quite textured, which is largely due to that grooved design on the rear. Spigen have also added in two texted strips that run up the left and right side of the case. These also help add a textured feel to the phone and provide a bit more grip in the areas you will likely be handling the case most.

Spigen Mag Armor case sides

In terms of accessibility to the phones ports and buttons there is no issues here when using the Spigen Mag Armor case. All of my iPhone 13 Mini buttons and ports are easy to use and access with the case on. I can’t recall having to fiddle around trying to adjust my phone’s volume or flick the silent switch.

How Thick is the Spigen Mag Armor Case?

One thing that always make me nervous when getting a new phone case is that it is going to add too much bulk to my phone making it ugly and awkward to hold. When the Spigen Mag Armor case is on my iPhone 13 Mini the overall thickness of the device is just over 10mm so there isn’t much bulk added. It also doesn’t add any real additional weight to the phone either, or at least not that I have noticed.

Spigen Mag Armor Case Dimensions

The case measures 13.5 x 6.8 x 1.1 cm (H x W x D)

MagSafe Features

The name of the Spigen Mag Armor case is a bit of a give away but if you haven’t guessed it yet it does feature MagSafe capability. This opens up the the ability to utilise MagSafe accessories whilst still keeping your phone protected in a case. MagSafe accessories come in all shapes and sizes and range from wallets to power banks. I really like this feature on the Spigen Mag Armor case and is one of the main reasons I bought it. However, from the outside of the case you can’t tell it is a MagSafe case so if you don’t use or own any it doesn’t matter.

Picture of the inside of the Spigen Mag Armor case

Final Thoughts

I really like the Spigen Mag Armor case, it looks good and it features MagSafe connectivity without adding loads of bulk to your phone. Be prepared to get dust building up in those grooves on the back and round the camera bump cut out but this is worth it for the overall aesthetic of the case.

I got the Spigen Mag Armor case from Amazon but it is always worth shopping around for the best price.

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