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How Do I Change the Watch Face on My Fitbit?

Changing the watch face of your Fitbit fitness tracker is one of the best ways to customise your device to your own personal taste. So how do you actually download watch faces for Fitbit devices? In this post I will walk you through each step to achieve this.

Video Walkthrough of How to Download Watch Faces for Fitbit Devices

How to Change Fitbit Watch Face Step by Step

Fitbit app in the Apple IOS app store
  1. First things first you will need the Fitbit app. Now I would assume you already have this if you have the device set up and working but if not you can download it from you respective app store.
Account option in the Fitbit app
  1. Once downloaded open the Fitbit app and click on Your Account (this will be your profile icon) and should be in the top left of the app.
Device in the Fitbit account settings
  1. Choose your Fitbit device which should be present in the list.
The Gallery link option in the Fitbit app
  1. From the next menu click on the Gallery icon.
Watch face slot in the Fitbit app
  1. Here you can see all your installed watch faces of which you can have 5 stored at one time.
    Click either one of the blank slots to add a new watch face or alternatively you can click the Clocks option at the top or the Discover More option at the bottom.
Install button when applying new watch face
  1. This will open up the watch face store. Browse through here and find a watch face you like.
    Once you have found a watch face you like, open it up and click the install button.
Installed new watch face in the Fitbit app
  1. Once it is installed it will apply straight to your Fitbit device. You will feel your Fitbit vibrate once the install is complete.
Newly applied watch face in the Fitbit app
  1. You can do this for up to 5 watch faces and switch between them on your Fitbit device using the Clocks app.

Thanks for reading this walkthrough, hopefully it helped.
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