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Alexa Enabled Outdoor Socket: Knightsbridge Smart Socket Review

Outside plugs can be a really handy product to have for any modern day home. They are traditionally associated with outdoor Christmas lights as an alternative to running light power cables through windows and letter boxes. However, they are also really useful to plug in outdoor power tools. Traditionally these outdoor plugs have resembled typical indoor plug sockets where the only way to turn them ON and OFF is via the rocker switches next to the plug but in an ever changing smart tech world this just seems a bit old fashioned. This is where the Knightsbridge smart outdoor double socket comes in. Being a smart WIFI plug socket means it has the same versatility as an indoor smart plug so controlling via your phone and links to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It is a bit more expensive than a traditional outdoor socket but comes with those added smart features. This is my review of the Knightsbridge smart outdoor socket.


The Knightsbridge smart outdoor socket does come with an instructions manual which defaults how to install the socket but as always with any electrical work if you aren’t confident then just don’t attempt to do it yourself, get a qualified person to do it for you.

Knightsbridge outdoor smart socket side view


You can use the Knightsbridge smart outdoor socket like a traditional socket using the switches so if this is the case then there is no setup involved but you’re probably more interested in its smart features. There is a Knightsbridge app but it can also be connected to the Smart Life app. As I personally have a number of other smart devices connected through Smart Life I decided to use this instead.

Knightsbridge outdoor smart socket with one socket powered on

If you aren’t familiar with adding devices to the Smart Life app it can sometimes be a bit fiddly but once you understand the process it does become easier. If your WIFI is not split into a 2.4ghz and 5ghz network then you will need to use what used to be called AP mode. A recent update to the Smart Life app means you no longer have to select the connection mode instead you select if the device is blinking slow or fast. To get the device to blink slowly you typically have to turn it on and off 5 times. This is the same for smart bulbs and smart plugs/sockets. After this the device light will begin to blink slowly and you then connect to the device via its WIFI and from there Smart Life does the rest and configures the socket. From here this is where the fun begins.

Connecting to Alexa

Alexa normally recognises any new device added to the Smart Life app as long as you have the Smart Life skill enabled on the Alexa app. If it isn’t recognised just simply say “Discover my devices” to any of your Alexa devices. Once connected this is where you can begin to include the device in you Alexa routines and create schedules.

Knightsbridge outdoor smart socket setup in Alexa app

App Features

The Smart Life app enables you to setup a lot of functionality that you would be able to in the Alexa app like their version of routines, called “Automations” but personally id use Alexa routines if you are going to do this. However, there are some features I have used the Smart Life app for over Alexa when configuring the Knightsbridge smart outdoor socket. I have setup a schedule using Smart Life to turn the sockets ON and OFF at set times throughout the day. I just found this easier than creating an Alexa routine for ON and another for OFF. It’s quicker to do this in the Smart Life app so it just made sense to use it.

Knightsbridge outdoor smart socket in SmartLife app

Another nice feature of the Knightsbridge smart outdoor socket when using it via the Smart Life app is that it can display the sockets electricity consumption. You don’t get this in the Alexa app so if you are interested in that sort of stuff then use Smart Life.

Knightsbridge outdoor smart socket SmartLife app electric consumption data

Really you can use either Alexa, Smart Life or the Knightsbridge app to remotely control the Knightsbridge smart outdoor socket. It really depends which is the most convenient for you.

Final Thoughts

I currently have the Knightsbridge smart outdoor socket controlling a number of outdoor Christmas lights. There is an outdoor extension cable that runs from the Knightsbridge smart outdoor socket into a weatherproof box where the lights are plugged in. This is because led transformer plugs are too big to fit into the socket casing meaning you can’t close the lid breaking the waterproof seal. What this has enabled me to do is setup automated schedules that turn the Christmas lights on and off but also the ability to turn them on from my phone if needed so I don’t need to make a trip outside to the plug to turn them on or be bound to the schedules set on a timer plug. Despite it being more expensive than a regular outdoor 2 gang plug socket I would definitely recommend the Knightsbridge smart outdoor socket to anybody looking to get an outdoor plug socket or anyone looking to extend their smart home features.

Let me know down in the comments of any other smart plugs you would recommend.

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