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KRUPS Dolce Gusto Genio S Plus Review


If you are like me and you need that instant hit of caffeine first thing on a morning to get out of that zombie-like state then you may be searching for different ways to get your fix. Pod coffee machines are a quick and easy way to brew that morning elixir. When it comes to these machines there are 3 big hitters, Nespresso, Tassimo and Dolce Gusto. The latter of these pod types is what the Krups Genio S Plus uses.

Nespresso classic pods

Not sure which coffee pod brand to choose? Check out our comparison review of Nespresso, Tassimo & Dolce Gusto pods.

Should You Buy It?



  • Simple to Use
  • Good Pod Selection
  • Drinks Taste Good


  • Smaller Water Tank than Others
Side profile of the Dolce gusto Genio S Plus machine

Setup - Genio S Plus

Setting up the Genio S Plus could not be any easier. Plug-in the machine, fill up the water tank, wait for it to heat up (approx 40 secs), insert your pod of choice and click brew. It really is that simple. It is recommended that you flush out the tank before using it for the first time and the provided instruction manual walks you through this process and it is common across all pod machines. You can do this a few times if you want to really clear out any plastic taste that may be lingering around in the tank.

Looking for somewhere to store all the pods for your machine? Amazon is a great option for these. I picked up the Ever Rich ® Dolce Gusto Coffee Pod Rotating Holder Rack from Amazon and it does the trick nicely. Here is the link to the product I bought on Amazon.

EverRich Dolce Gusto pod holder

Design & Features - Genio S Plus

The Krups Genio S Plus is quite compact in design. It measures H27 x W11.5 x D27cm, which means you shouldn’t have any problems finding a place for this in your kitchen. One thing to note is that it only comes in 2 colours, Black or White which may be an issue for some people who like standout features in their kitchen.

The water tank on the Genio S Plus coffee machine
Coffee mug under the Genio S Plus coffee machine

There isn’t too much to the machine itself. The brew dial and pod section are at the front of the machine and the water tank is at the back. With a capacity of 800ml/0.8L, the water tank will allow you to fill just over 3 standard 250ml mugs before you need to fill it up again. This isn’t the biggest water tank on the market and it would have been nice if they hit the 1L mark but it’s not a deal-breaker. If you are planning to place your pod machine under a wall cabinet then it’s worth noting that the backfill water tank on the Genio S Plus would mean you’d have to pull it out from under the cabinet to fill it up. Not necessarily a deal-breaker but worth noting.

The controls dial at the front of the machine is where you’re going to get your barista on and brew those tasty drinks. On the outside of the controls is a rotating dial that allows you to control the volume of your drink. A recommended volume is displayed on most pods to guide you on what to set this to.

You also get three physical buttons to poke your mitts at. One controls the temperature, providing cold, low, mid and high options. I’m not sure what the low and mid temperatures are for but whatever floats your boat. Then there is an espresso boost button and the all-important brew button. The overall finish on the Genio S Plus is glossy plastic, especially around that controls dial and pod tray, so it will register fingerprints.

Pressure is not a problem for the Genio S Plus, with the ability to reach 15 bars, ensuring your espresso comes out with all that intended flavour. When you factor this in with the espresso boost button you can make some really tasty drinks.

If you love your cold brews it’s worth mentioning that the coldest temperature setting on the Genio S Plus doesn’t come out that cold, more lukewarm. You will probably want to add some ice cubes to your drink to achieve that icy effect. The option is there on the Genio S Plus but I think it is much better suited to hot drinks.

When it comes to cups we all know size matters, but the Genio S Plus accommodates most size cup sizes so you can drink out of your favourite one. The drip tray can be removed and placed higher up to be used with a smaller espresso cup or it can be removed completely to fit larger cups under. However, I couldn’t get my travel mug under. When measured, the space is around 14cm high. The versatility of the drip tray is a great feature to have but be warned, not all cups will fit under.

Genio S Plus machine height when drip tray is removed
Travel mug next to Genio S Plus when drip tray is removed

Finally, the Genio S Plus is relatively easy to clean. The only improvement here would be if it could somehow clean itself but that is wishful thinking or maybe just plain laziness on my part. Taking it apart is simple with the removable drip tray and water tank so you can clean those parts whilst a wipe down of the rest of the machine should suffice. You will also get a warning when it is recommended you descale your machine. There is a shower like icon next to the XL icon on the controls dial which will light up when it thinks you should descale. The instructions again will walk you through what to do for this.


Having a fancy machine is great but without the Pods, it’s just a futuristic looking kettle. Luckily there are a whole host of pods that are compatible with the Krups Genio S Plus through the Dolce Gusto range. Pod brand is going to be the deciding factor for which machine you buy. For me, there is a clear distinction between pod brands dependent on what type of coffee you like to drink.


If you drink a lot of espressos and you are big on strong, full-flavoured coffee then a Nespresso pod machine is the one for you. With Nespresso, you won’t be able to make fancy flavoured coffee easily without additional gadgets to help you out. You can pick up third-party Nespresso pods on the likes of Amazon and at local supermarkets like Aldi. However, if you get a Vertuo pod machine, these use barcodes so no third-party pods. Take a look at the Nespresso CitiZ or Vertuo ranges if this sounds like your cup of tea, or coffee!


If you like recreating your audacious Starbucks or Costa order at home then you might want to look at a Tassimo pod machine. Tassimo provides a whole host of different pods types including a Costa range which includes all the favourites like Gingerbread latte & Mocha. Tassimo does use barcodes on their pods so you won’t find third-party sellers of these on the likes of Amazon. Check out the Bosch Style TAS1102GB or Bosch Vivy2 TAS1402GB for a Tassimo machine.

Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto strikes a balance between the other two for me. You can have both flavoured drinks and good quality espressos with Dolce Gusto pods without needing any supporting tech. There are several third-party sellers for Dolce Gusto pods on the likes of Amazon. A good spot to pick up cheap pods can also be bargain stores like Home Bargains or B&M whilst supermarkets like Aldi do their own compatible versions which provide a cheaper alternative. Here are a couple of options I got off Amazon and have been using recently. The flat whites are particularly good. 
Flat Whites on Amazon
Starbucks Americano on Amazon

Final Thoughts

As I have mentioned already the type of drinks you like determines what pod brand you go with. Once you have chosen your pod brand it’s then just a case of choosing a machine you like. As the Krups Genio S Plus is a compact, feature-rich machine, it is a great choice for anyone who is invested in the Dolce Gusto pod range or is looking to get started with it.

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Let me know what you think of the Krups Dolce Gusto Genio S Plus down in the comments below.

Thanks for reading this review. Until next time