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PS5 Stock Update UK: where can you buy it?

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PS5 Stock Update UK

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If like many people around the UK and the World you are probably struggling to get your hands on the new PS5. Stock is going to remain in short supply well into this year as Sony claims it is a shortage of semiconductors. There are rumours of bots buying up stock so when you see some come available you need to be ready. Before we go into the websites and social channels to use to stay on top of PS5 stock releases here are some of my top tips to make sure you are ready when it does;

Have your payment card to hand always

Stock is dropping at random so you need to be ready to go when it does drop. Scrambling around for your wallet and payment card will just waste time and will probably result in you missing out so get it out ready.

Load up retailer websites

There are a number of set retailers selling PS5 stock in the UK. Have their websites preloaded, ready, in case they announce some stock.

Sign In or Sign Up

You are going to need to enter your shipping details at some point. Do this in advance so you can checkout quicker. You could lose your console whilst trying to enter your address and fill out the payment forms.

UK Retailers for PS5 Stock

PS5 Stock Update Websites

Stock update websites can be a great way to update you when PS5 stock lands. I personally use Stock Informer. You can sign up to push notifications by following the below steps

  1. Click the bell icon in the bottom left of the screen and subscribe to notifications
    Stock informer allow notifications bell icon

  2. Click Push Notification in the top menu on the Stock Informer site
    Stock informer push notifications button
  3. Scroll down and select the Xbox Series X option
    Stock informer PS5 stock button

Social Media

Personally, I think Twitter is your best bet here. I managed to get myself a next-gen console by using these Twitter accounts below. Just to point out I am in no way linked to these accounts, I just came across them by googling and searching on Twitter. There are more PS5 stock update accounts than Xbox Series X from what I have seen. The accounts to follow are;

These accounts appear to be the most active and up to date. Make sure you click the notifications bell as this will send you a notification anytime these accounts post. This will give you the best chance of reacting quickly.

There are also Facebook groups but I haven’t used any of these for stock updates.

I really hope these tips and resources help you bag a PS5. Happy hunting!
Until next time