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Shieldon Travel Backpack: Best Travel Backpack?

These days we just carry more stuff with us. If your like me, whenever you leave home there is just so much tech that comes along with you. Phone, iPad, headphones, portable charger, wall chargers, sometimes my laptop, the list could go on. Carrying all this tech around had me searching for a reasonably priced backpack that could store all this tech safely but also squeeze in a few clothes and other bits and bobs.

I was scrolling through Amazon and that’s where I came across the Shieldon Travel Carry-On backpack. Having ordered this item during lockdown I haven’t had chance yet to try it out, until now. In this article I will review the Shieldon Travel Carry-On backpack to see if it is worth buying for yourself.

Shieldon Travel Backpack Design

Firstly the exterior of the backpack looks quite smart. The front is covered in textured PVC coating which gives it its waterproof quality whilst also feeling durable. It is also a slightly light shade of black becoming more of a darker grey, which contrasts the rest of the Shieldon backpack. The remaining surface of the backpack features a very tight weaved polyester fabric, again to help make it waterproof and prevent dust and dirt getting in. There are breathable mesh layers on the rear side of the backpack which are there to ensure your back doesn’t get hot and sweaty when wearing the backpack for long periods of time or in warm climates. All in all I think the Shieldon Travel backpack looks quite sleek and has been designed really well.

Picture of the rear of the Shieldon travel backpack

How much does the Shieldon Travel Backpack Cost?

The Shieldon Travel backpack was available on Amazon when I purchased it but no longer appears to be. You can purchase it direct from Shieldon where it is $49.99 which is around £37-36 here in the UK.

How Big is the Shieldon Travel Backpack?

When the Shieldon Travel backpack is not expanded its dimensions are: H 48cm x W 31cm x D 15cm.

When expanded the Shieldon Travel backpack has dimensions of: H 48cm x W 31cm x D 24cm

Front of the Shieldon backpack
Picture of the Shieldon travel backpack expanded

What is the Capacity of the Shieldon Travel Backpack?

The Shieldon Travel backpack can range from 23L capacity all the way up to a 38L capacity.

Shieldon Travel Backpack Compartments

Front Compartment

The front compartment of the Shieldon Travel backpack is loaded with a number of different organiser pockets. This makes it ideal for storing accessories like charger cables, pens, keys, water bottles etc.

Front compartment of the Shieldon travel backpack filled with items

Middle Compartment

The middle compartment of the Shieldon Travel backpack is the biggest of the three and resembles more of a suitcase design. This compartment unzips all the way round so you can open it up flat, great for airport security checks. There are three sections available in the middle compartment. On the right hand side there is the main section covered by a zipped mesh lining. The left hand side is split into two sections, on of which is a plastic lined compartment specifically for toiletries and the other a smaller zipped compartments.

Middle compartment of the Shieldon travel backpack

Back Compartment

The rear compartment has specific storage for both a laptop and tablet with the laptop section being padded. Both of the sections can be closed with a velcro strap to prevent your items sliding out of the designed sleeves.

Rear compartment of the Shieldon travel backpack

Hidden Rear Compartment

There is a hidden compartment on the rear of the backpack. Down in the bottom right corner there is a concealed zipped pocket that is big enough to fit a few items like a phone and wallet. I can easily fit my iPhone 8 and wallet in that pocket and the zip keeps it secure.

The expanding feature of the Shieldon Travel backpack is a fantastic feature and enables you to switch between backpack and carry on case seamlessly. There is a zip running round the middle of the backpack. It is this zip that enables you expand the middle compartment.

One thing that is missing from the Shieldon Travel backpack is a built in lock mechanism. Now you can easily add your own padlock to the zips to overcome this. The zips have more than enough space in them to accommodate a padlock.

Final Thought on the Shieldon Travel Backpack

Should you buy the Shieldon Travel backpack? I would say yes. It’s a versatile, practical backpack that also looks pretty good. I bought this backpack on Amazon, however it is now unavailable on there but you can purchase it direct from Shieldon for $49.99 which is around £37-36. This puts the Shieldon Travel backpack at a great price point as well.

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