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Vytronix Steam Mop Review

Steam mops can be a really useful household item to own in the modern day home. With high temperature steam output and washable mop head covers you can see why people are making the switch from a traditional mop to a steam mop. Now in the steam mop/cleaning space, you probably won’t of heard of Vytronix before. They are a household appliance company that makes everything from steam mops to pressure washers. The STM01 Vytronix steam mop is a product from their range. I have owned the STM01 Vytronix steam mop for well over a year now, so I have had a lot of opportunity to put it through its paces and to determine if it is worth buying or not.




  • 450ml Water Tank
  • Removeable Water Tank
  • Heats Up Quick
  • Plenty of Attachments


  • Temperature Dial in Awkward Position
  • Microfibre Cloth Heads Sometimes Come Loose
Vytronix steam mop stood upright

How much does the Vytronix Steam Mop Weigh?

The Vytronix steam mop weighs 1.4kg. That is just for the main body part and doesn’t include the accessories although these are all pretty light so won’t add much additional weight. This makes the device really easy to carry around the house whilst you are cleaning which is a great positive.

What Attachments Come with the STM01 Vytronix Steam Mop?

The STM01 Vytronix steam mop comes with a number of attachments in the box that cover a wide variety of different scenarios. You get;

Carpet Glider
Tool Connector
Window / Upholstery Tool
Scraper Tool
Small Nylon Brush
Large Nylon Brush
Grout Brush
Angled Nozzle

You also get two microfibre cloth heads. One for the main head attachment and one for the window/upholstery attachment. This is a big plus point for the Vytronix steam mop in my opinion. To get all these included is great and means you can clean pretty much any part of your house with it.

Vytronix steam mop attachments laid out

STM01 Vytronix Steam Mop Setup

Getting the Vytronix steam mop setup ready to use is quite a simple task to do really. Firstly you open up the tank by removing the blank plug with a twist. Then you fill-up the tank with water. Once the tank is filled place the plug back in and twist it to lock. Make sure you have attached the microfibre cloth cover to the floor cleaning attachment head. Finally, plug the device in and adjust the heat output using the dial at the base of the device. It’s as simple as that. Heat-up time is pretty quick and then you are off, cleaning till your heart is content. The only thing I wish Vytronix would have changed was the position of the temperature dial. It seems in an awkward position down at the bottom of the device. When you want to adjust the heat output you have to really bend down or lay the device down to adjust it.

All in all super simple to set up which is perfect for this type of device. You don’t want to spend ages fiddling with it to get it working.

Vytronix steam mop controls

Tech Specs

Dimensions: (L)33cm x (W)25cm x (H) 29cm
Weight: 1.4kg
450ml Water Tank Capacity
1300W Boiler
25 Minute Steam Time
6m Power Cord

STM01 Vytronix Steam Mop Heat Up Time

STM01 Vytronix Steam Mop Performance

However, I can imagine the main reason people will buy this product is to clean their floors. In terms of cleaning performance, again, the Vytronix steam mop is pretty solid. Obviously, it isn’t going to pick up large bits of dirt so if there are crumbs and bits on your floor you will have to hoover them up first. For things like marks, footprints, dust etc. the Vytronix steam mop will do a good job of cleaning them off your floor. One thing I have noticed is that it is really important to make sure that the microfibre cloth heads are clean. If they aren’t you will see dirty streaks left behind once the water left from the steam mop dries. Not a good look and it’s something that has happened to me before. On that, though the microfibre cloths are really simple to clean by either chucking them in the washing machine or you can also hand wash them in the sink if you want.

Vytronix steam mop before cleaning pictureVytronix steam mop after cleaning picture

On occasions, I have had an issue where the Vytronix steam mop hasn’t glided as smoothly as I have wanted over a surface. Now I’m not sure if this is again to do with the microfibre cloth of the surface itself but it hasn’t happened very often

Here is a video demonstrating just how easy the Vytronix steam mop is to use when cleaning my tiled kitchen floor.

Is The STM01 Vytronix Steam Mop Worth the Money?

When I ordered the Vytronix steam mop, I wasn’t expecting great things to be honest. I snagged it for a great price of £34.99 on Amazon at the time. In comparison to a lot of other steam mops from the likes of Shark and Vax, it seemed rather cheap. This left me thinking what’s the catch?

Since owning the Vytronix steam mop I can tell you there is no catch, it is a solid performer. I have used this for a variety of tasks which even involved using it to help strip off wallpaper so it definitely has its uses. The build quality isn’t as premium as the more expensive models available from others but I wasn’t expecting it to be. If you can get past that then you will be impressed with how good it is at cleaning surfaces. To check out the Vytronix steam mop on Amazon click the button below.

Final Thoughts

All in all the Vytronix steam mop is a great household item to own. If you can get it for a good price on Amazon it’s a bargain. It does have a few annoyances but these are easily outweighed by the positives of the device. It makes cleaning hard floors pretty easy and I love its versatility with all the supplied attachments.

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